Nothing beats checking out a meeting in person, but to give you a taste of what that’s like, we’ve got a few video clips to share.

Rebecca Smith discusses “The Silent Killer”, and what can be done about it Feb 13, 2024:

Larry Rex brings us back to the computer language of COBOL and a memorable story that happened at a symposium, Feb 13, 2024:

Danielle Alia shares why Gen-Z is not lazy and where the misconceptions come from, Feb 27, 2024.

Bret makes a unique pairing of Chocolate, Football, and No Confidence, Feb 27, 2024.

Manju Rani tells us everything we need to know about procrastination, how to conquer it and why it’s so important, 2/27/2024 – don’t put off watching this speech!

Barry Epstein gives the top 5 reasons to visit Club 122 as a guest, Feb 13, 2024:

Here is Table Topics for the meeting of Feb 27, 2024.  In table topics, a designated table topics master will ask people in the audience questions that they answer on the spot with no preparation.  The theme this evening is “Food”.

Here is Shelly Richardson dissecting the merits of the Toastmasters learning style from our 80th anniversary celebration in June of 2018:

Next is Roy Mollenkamp and his treacherous adventures gallivanting around Jordan with a dog:

And finally we have Paul Leavell on why you should avoid using gasoline as laundry detergent: